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Who We Are!

We are a small family breeder that breeds Gorgeous AKC Registered Samoyeds. We are dedicated to producing beautiful, healthy and, most importantly, Samoyeds with great temperaments. The puppies and dogs are all home raised with lots of love and attention at my home in Missouri.  We place a special emphasis on temperament, and believe that the original temperament of the Samoyeds was gentle, loving,and exceptionally connected to their human companions. We also believe that by responsible breeding and health testing we can have healthier Samoyeds far into the future. We,spend many hours with our pups, taking special care, and paying attention to detail. We take the raising of puppies very seriously. Each puppy is watched for personality while we play and feed and care for them. We don’t like to raise more than a few litters a year so that each litter receives all the personal care a litter should receive. Mom and puppies get a lot of attention and care during this time. 

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