Arctic Samoyeds

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Our Retired Gang

Sugar: AKC "Arctic Samoyeds Sugar Bear"

We Retired our gorgeous Sugar, in 2018 Sugar was our Sweet loving female.  This outstanding girl has it all; BEAUTY, balance, brains and a softness that would melt your heart. Her almost human like qualities are fascinating; she is a real character who LOVES to cuddle, and give endless kisses. 

From babyhood she was a 'deep' girl. Thought things out, connected strong, and bonds in a way you know she'll give you her life. And then some. This girl has a loyal and true heart.

In babyhood she placed her feet carefully, committed deeply, and shades of her beauty were there even at 8 weeks.

As an adult she has grown into the very definition of Arctic beauty. She Now lives with an Her Amazing human family with a Sammy Sibling in St Louis MO, we love getting updates on her several times a year.

Soñador: AKC " Soñador of Zetta "

We Retired our Stunning Soñador  in October of 2019, it's always a bitter sweet thing when we are retiring our girls, but it doesn't mean we love them any less. Soñador came to Join us in December of 2015, right away we grew very fond of her! she holds herself like a queen, and knows she is boss (of the other dogs that is) She is one of the calmest daintiest dogs you can find!  

Soñador  is also one of the prettiest dogs I have ever seen!

Soñador means "Dreamer", or "Dreamy" and when you see her you can tell she really is dreamy!

She is a great mother and cares for her pups much more than any other dog!   She is a real lover who adores your attention, and is always looking for your approval on what she is doing!

Mása AKC: " Szelkupoy "Zoy-Bak" Kraszavica Masa"

We retired our beautiful soft eyed Mása in February 2020! 

Mása came to join us in May of 2016, she came all the way from Hungary in Europe! 

We noticed a difference in her from the beginning, she has a gorgeous long and fluffy coat of fur. Her eyes are very soft and she is just SO lovable! 

She has a calm temperament and stays very relaxed all the time.. All she wants and cares about is love and is happy as long as she can push herself up against you!

Dakota AKC: "Arctic Dakata"

We Retired our stunning Dakota in March of 2020!

Dakota was our dainty and petite girl, she is smaller than all my other females but likes to act like she is much bigger! 

She loves to go on car rides and will patiently sit there by the car waiting to jump on in, she is a very loving dog and loves to affirm her affection.

She has the most gorgeous black tips and is a stunningly beautiful dog, she loves getting her pictures taken and she is a picture perfect dog! 

The longer we have had Dakota the more fond we grow of her!